The Shoreline School of Art and Music, est.1978, is a staple in Connecticut.


I love the way you talk to and teach my son. He doesn`t complain about “reviewing” at home and he enjoys coming for his lesson. 


In an interview, one of the researchers from the University of California said: Music training jump starts certain inherent patterns in parts of the brain responsible for spatial-temporal reasoning. Computer, on the other hand, does not force children to think ahead or visualize as they must when playing a piece of music. 


We welcome children and adults in the pursuit of the highest outcome possible.


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Image result for richard milgram,music teacherEnjoy learning to play your favorite songs on piano, keyboard, guitar, violin, voice- singing, drums, flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, theory, etc.


Shoreline School of Art and Music Voted 5 Stars.


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We welcome children ages 5-12, teens, and adults. 


Mr. and Mrs. Milgram have a gentle way of conveying love for music and art to children.


Studies support the theory that music instruction can help build intellectual and emotional skills, facilitate childrens learning and strengthen other academic areas, such as reading and math.

Both of my kids enjoy their lessons and make new progress every week. -Madison parent


click article Richard Milgram: “Providing Inspiration and Motivation” 


My daughter is inspired to strive for musical achievement from week to week. I continue to be amazed at her ability to grasp complicated concepts and skills at her young age. Thank you! -Branford


Richard Milgram conducts lessons in a professional and patient manner, and the results have been very effective.


The Shoreline School of Art & Music has long been regarded as the finest provider of art and music education.


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Students sharing candid thoughts about their experience at the Shoreline School of Art & Music.


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Enjoy learning with dedicated instructors.


We have the professional training and experience to guide, motivate, and inspire.


We appreciate the teachers calm, organized, friendly manner. -Editors, Yale Law Review


You were an awesome guitar teacher. You gave me a great start to a lifelong passion. One more year and I will have my doctorate degree and music is a great outlet. Thank you.


I look forward to every lesson. 


Mr. Milgram has inspired my daughter to pursue her passion.


Give Shoreline a try if you want to enjoy learning.


Adults, Teens, Children


It`s totally awesome and the teacher is very patient. -high school guidance counselor/piano student


I have seen him get better and better at playing guitar. -Proud Parent


After long thought, I decided to try this school…and I’m glad I did!


Thanks to Richard, an amazing teacher, I have learned to play piano.


I was so happy to find this school! I have a fantastic time each week, and I am finally learning to play the violin.


Richard is a wonderful teacher, always encouraging me to do my best, and to make the best music possible.