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Students share candid thoughts about their experience at the Shoreline School of Art & Music.


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Richard and Judith have taught art and music while fostering the creativity of Branford’s best.


Coming here makes my day better. 

I`m always excited to practice what I have learned. -adult student


I was surprised by how good you are in knowing the needs of my child and for being so “in tune” with her. Thank you! 


My kids are always excited to get new music. I appreciate your kindness, patience and sense of humor. 


What a great experience!  


You are skilled. What struck me from the beginning was that you were able to switch techniques if something didn’t work for my child. -Chair, Branford Childhood Collaborative


Best decision ever! The guitar teacher is kind, thoughtful and patient. My daughter enjoys her guitar lessons.  


You are a very professional, patient, and creative teacher. We are truly blessed to have you in our daughter`s life. -Madison 


You are the very best coach I`ve had in my life. Thank you for your wonderful gift of music to me. Your grateful student.  ds, MD


I believe he is an expert teacher and that I’m learning from an experienced musician.  -High School guidance counselor


My daughter enjoys lessons because of the comfortable and gentle environment you create… a motivating and sensible approach to teaching music. -Guilford teacher


I love the way you talk to and teach Patrick. He doesn`t complain about “reviewing” at home and he enjoys coming for his lesson. -Guilford 


Mr. and Mrs. Milgram have a gentle way of conveying love for music and art to children. Both of my kids enjoy their lessons and make new progress every week. -Madison


We appreciate Mr. Milgram`s calm, organized, friendly manner. -editors, Yale Law Review


Lessons have enriched my life beyond measure. The discussions we have about music last me throughout the week. -East Haven


My daughter is becoming  more and more interested in playing her piano and is proud of herself.  


The best, most dedicated instructors. -North Branford


We are very thankful for your positive way of teaching.  


Mr. Milgram has inspired my daughter to pursue her passion! -North Branford


Anna enjoys coming to class each week. She is being challenged but is also having fun learning. -Guilford


I love my weekly music lesson! I appreciate the instructor’s gentle encouragement, exquisite patience and sense of humor.


The sensitivity he shows to the individual student makes him a fine teacher.  


I always arrive to class feeling welcomed and depart feeling cared for. -East Haven


(Adult) Hamden- I was so happy to find this school! I have a fantastic time each week and I am finally learning to play violin. Highly recommend Shoreline School. 


Richard is a wonderful teacher, always encouraging me to do my best, and to make the best music possible. I look forward to every lesson.


(Adult) Madison- Highlight of my busy week. Wish I had Richard as a teacher when I was younger. He teaches you not only how to play the instrument but, more importantly, how to create music.


(Adult) Lyme- I was hesitant to take music lessons because I had never played an instrument before. After long thought, I decided to try this school, and I’m glad I did!  


Thanks to Richard, who is an amazing teacher, I have learned to play piano. He’s thoughtful, kind, and understanding.


What I like most is that the program is personalized and designed based on my needs. I look forward to every lesson. It is the best part of my week!


Litchfield- He just finished his audition for Hartt School of Music-University of Hartford and was told he would definitely be accepted.  Thank you so much for helping him prepare. It made a big difference.


We have nothing but the highest recommendation for the Shoreline School of Art & Music. Richard Milgram conducts lessons in a professional and patient manner, and the results have been very effective. 


My daughter is inspired to strive for musical achievement from week to week. I continue to be amazed at her ability to grasp complicated concepts and skills at her young age! Thank you SSAM.


Thank you for making music lessons fun for my children.


New Haven- My daughter and I are pleased with the low-pressure environment and the versatility of the program at the Shoreline School of Art & Music. She is learning to sight-read better.


It has really been a collaborative effort in trying to sense what she is ready for.


He is very happy with his teacher. I am glad we chose the Shoreline School.


I have seen my son get better and better at playing guitar.


Guilford- Mr. Milgram has helped our son enjoy playing music. In just a few months, he has progressed tremendously with Mr. Milgram`s expertise, patience, and encouragement.


We are so grateful to have found the Shoreline School of Art & Music.


(Adult) Madison- Highlight of my busy week. Wish I had Richard as a teacher when I was younger. He teaches not only how to play the instrument but how to play musically.


(Adult) North Haven- I thoroughly enjoy my lessons. I experience a great degree of enjoyment with each lesson.


Guilford- The improvement has been so dramatic! I wish I had a video of her first singing lessons.


North Branford- We love how you challenge our daughter at each flute lesson. That`s why we have been coming here for four years.


East Haven- I love my weekly music lesson!


We appreciate your method of teaching. He loves to play piano at family gatherings and at church.


I appreciate the attention given to the individual learning styles of my children.


(Adult)- I truly enjoy my lessons. I have been a student at Shoreline School of Art & Music for a year now.


When I began taking lessons at the Shoreline School of Art & Music I had a vague idea about some basic keys and note reading. In a short period I am learning so much about music reading and playing the piano.