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 We have students from 35 towns.


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  • My daughter enjoys lessons because of the comfortable and gentle environment you create… a motivating and sensible approach to teaching music.
  • The best, most dedicated, instructors.  Mr. Milgram has inspired my daughter to pursue her passion. -North Branford parent
  • We have nothing but the highest recommendation for the Shoreline School of Art and Music. -Branford parent 
  • You are a very professional, patient, and creative teacher. -Madison parent
  • Instruction  is totally awesome and the teacher is very patient. -High School Guidance Counselor-Clinton/piano student
  • I wish I had made a video of her first lesson. The improvement has been so dramatic. -Guilford parent
  • I love the way you talk to and teach Patrick. He doesn`t complain about “reviewing” at home. I know he enjoys coming for his lesson. -Guilford parent
  • Thank you for making music lessons fun for my children. -Branford Early Childhood Collaborative


Beginners are always welcome.


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The study by the University of Vermont College of Medicine found that even those who never made it past nursery rhyme songs and do-re-mi’s likely received some major developmental benefits just from playing., Richard Milgram strikes the right chord every day as owner of the Shoreline … Richard and Judith have taught art and music while fostering the creativity of Branford’s best …


“The renowned Shoreline School of Art and Music.” -New Haven Register


The Shoreline School of Art and Music Inc., est.1978, is a staple in CT.


Studies support the theory that music instruction can help build intellectual and emotional skills, facilitate children`s learning and strengthen other academic areas, such as reading and math. Every child deserves to experience the JOY of making music.


She is playing her piano at home more and more.  -Madison parent




Richard Milgram conducts lessons in a professional and patient manner and the results have been very effective.- Branford Parent


We welcome children ages 5-12, teens, and adults of all skill levels and abilities.


There are numerous scientific studies that support the value of music education for children. 


Shoreline School of Art and Music Voted Five Stars 


“I look forward to every lesson.”


We welcome children and adults in the pursuit of the highest outcome possible.


Students and parents praise our instructors` patience, supportive attitude, knowledge and creative teaching skills.


Benefits gained from our unique individualized instruction and variety of educational experiences provided will last your children a lifetime.


click article Richard Milgram: “Providing Inspiration and Motivation” 


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Students share candid thoughts about their experience at the Shoreline School of Art & Music.


The Shoreline School of Art and Music is incorporated and features state-certified instructors. 


“Science Just Discovered Something Amazing About What Childhood Piano Lessons Did To You” -New York Times


“Music Lessons Open Minds to Math, Science” -USA Today 


The Shoreline School of Art & Music has long been regarded as the finest provider of art and music education.


I have really enjoyed my guitar lessons. I have learned so much in a year and a half, from classic to rock to alternative.


My skills have improved dramatically.


At Shoreline we encourage parents to observe lessons.



Professional custom-tailored instruction is available once or twice a week: days, evenings, and Saturdays.


Mr. and Mrs. Milgram have a gentle way of conveying love for music and art to children.


You were an awesome guitar teacher. You gave me a great start to a lifelong passion.


Music is a great outlet. Thank you.


He is very happy with his teacher. I have seen him get better and better at playing guitar-Branford


Richard Milgram conducts lessons in a professional and patient manner, and the results have been very effective. -Branford


Mr. Milgram has helped our son enjoy playing piano.


In just a few months, he has progressed tremendously with Mr. Milgram`s expertise, patience, and encouragement.


Enjoy learning with dedicated instructors from prestigious universities who have the professional knowledge, training, and experience to guide, motivate, and inspire.


We are very thankful for your positive way of teaching. -Proud Parent



RENTAL: Guitars, violins, flutes, etc. may be rented through the Shoreline School of Art & Music. 


Richard’s spacious teaching area is a veritable music laboratory complete with pianos, drums, and more. -newspaper feature 


CT Dept. of Education -It was observed that there are many good things happening.


  • My daughter is inspired to strive for musical achievement from week to week. I continue to be amazed at her ability to grasp complicated concepts and skills at her young age! Thank you! -Branford


  • We appreciate Mr. Milgram`s calm, organized, friendly manner. -editor, Yale Law Review


  • Anna enjoys coming to class each week. She is being challenged but is also having fun learning. -Guilford


  • You are a very professional, patient, and creative teacher.


  • We are truly blessed to have you in our daughter`s life. We are here to stay. -Madison


  • She just played beautifully at the school talent show.  -New Haven


  • Richard is an extraordinary teacher and his enthusiasm is contagious! -Prof. R. Q., Hamden


Congratulations to Shoreline School singing student Elena Gruendel, a Branford High School chorus member, who was selected by her choral director to sing the National Anthem at high school games.




  • I wish I had made a video of her first lesson. The improvement has been so dramatic. -Guilford
  • After long thought, I decided to try this school, and I’m glad I did! -East Lyme
Congratulations to Samantha Fowler, North Branford, 4th-year flute student here at Shoreline School, who upon recommendation of her public school music teacher, auditioned for and was accepted into a music group in New Haven.


  • Thanks to Richard, who is an amazing teacher, I have learned how to play piano. He’s thoughtful, kind, and understanding.


  • What I like most is that the program is personalized and designed based on my needs. I look forward to every lesson. It is the best part of my week! -Lyme


Student Performances: The White House, Branford Green, Shoreline School of Art & Music, Yale-New Haven Hospital. Connecticut Hospice, National Anthem- High School football games, Ronald McDonald House, retirement communities, summer camps; All-State Band, Orchestra, Chorus; musicals-college, high school; middle school; Blackstone and Stony Creek libraries, choruses and choirs, classrooms, etc.


  • I was so happy to find this school! I have a fantastic time each week and I am finally learning to play violin. -Hamden


Richard is a wonderful teacher, always encouraging me to do my best, and to make the best music possible.


Instruction is given in practical terms which children are able to understand and utilize quickly.

 My daughter and I are pleased with the low-pressure environment and the versatility of the program. 

It has really been a collaborative effort in trying to sense what she is ready for so she won`t get discouraged. -New Haven


  • piano/keyboard

  • guitar

  • violin

  • voice-singing

  • drums

  • flute

  • clarinet

  • saxophone

  • trumpet

  • music theory

  • composing

Shoreline School of Art & Music students have been accepted at Yale, University of Connecticut, Rhode Island School of Design, Paier College of Art, Berklee College of Music, Northeastern University, Hartt School of Music, University of Southern Maine